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Dipl.-Ing. Julia Altenried

My name ist Julia Altenried, I was born on the 23.01.1989 in Altötting, Germany, where I graduated 19 years later at the König-Karlmann-Gymnasium. Directly afterwards I began my bachelor studies of applied informatics at the University of Salzburg. I completed my master studies at the same university, only interrupted by an semester abroad at the Polytechnical University of Madrid. In Februar 2015 I finally received my diploma with excellence.

During my studies, I could already gather plentiful experience. Within those 6 years, I worked for three companies as Software- and Webdeveloper and founded this company in 2011.

Beginning of 2016 I became aware of blockchain technology and recognized the enormous potential of decentral applications. Thenceforth, I supported various startups in the scene with smart contracts, concept design, advise and implementation of prototypes and products.

Thanks to school and time abroad I’m fluent in English and Spanish.

Dipl.-Ing. Julia Altenried