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Michael Altenried

I offer 25 years of experience in the project business with emphasis on Microsoft products.
My strengthes are fast adaption to new technologies and successful implementation regarding time and budget. As IT-all-rounder, with strong touch points to virtualized networks, I specialized increasingly in
database-driven software development.

Modern methodology, in a validated environment using agile models, is successfully applied for years. The continuos improvement of company processes, especially regarding change and quality management, is guaranteed.

The principle „KISS“ (keep it simple & stupid) has highest priority. Small teams with shared responsibilities are my key to success.

I create webpages preferable using WordPress.
For windows desktop applications I favor C#.
Windows forms in combination with SQL-Server guarantee fast completion. WPF offers beautiful user interfaces.

Usability, development speed and security have very high priority.
The gearing of different platforms is always a welcome challenge.

For modern cross-platform applications, which are supposed to run in client/server environment as well as in the cloud, I use the 5 GL “WinDev” from PCSOFT.

Michael Altenried